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Way of enjoying other of sightseeing spot, Otaru

Ryotaro Sengoku Oshoro blue
October 07, 2017
Otaru contact sightseeing ambassador writer, essayist Ryotaro Sengoku

Because of the profession, we may be asked by friend acquaintance inside and outside the way or reader with "where should we look at if we go to Otaru?".
If the person is tourist of in fun, "we perform by sightseeing ship in Shukutsu and take in Aoyama annex and aquarium after having looked at canal and Temiya Line!" Answer with,, and if "go to Otaru Canal, please go to north canal. , canal Cruise is good, too; do way of answering, but cannot have such a stereotypical talk when person in way including Sapporo and core Hokkaido fan are partners.
Then how do you answer?……. It is expected that it adjusts to partner, but introduces place that we want to recommend personally when we were at a loss.
This is because it wants to tell place that it wants to really recommend even if enthusiastic than we tell ordinary place in the case of people who have visited Otaru several times.

It is, for example, Oshoro. "We see and we write a little oshoro to bear". Oshoro ko which there is not way which ninja walks, and means "hollow such as buttocks" of Ainu is the origin.
It is place where Oshoro is hard to be called place where tourist sets foot in generally, but we feel, "Oshoro is one face of Otaru" and recommend.
While Oshoro Port of the time when it has not finished dawning yet early in the morning is the seaside, there is atmosphere to be in forest. Oshoro Port of the time when setting sun sinks comes with a tingle more beautifully.
It is quietness of small port. We feel nature and breath of life that there is before time going by relaxedly and feel being excellent.
Speaking of comfort like the villa ground of Karuizawa, is it good? Space that is refreshing, and is calm, and is holy, and makes feel slightly good old. It is charm of Oshoro.

Silhouette of boy doing fishing at the tip of dike.
Figure which walks in front of port while students staying in Oshoro marine laboratory of Hokkaido Univ. making line, and talking happily.
Ship which leaves for cruising.
Wave that fishing boat returning from the offing draws.
Luxury that is the best in this time to look at scene which is over the very front while catching the sea breeze to whole body.
And when way of shoreline toward Route 5 from Oshoro Port overlooks……. We are robbed of * sani eyes of the sea.
Oshoro is right blue. We can be impressed by the richness of the sea of Otaru.

We guess shoreline of Zenibako from bear mortar if we recommend one more in Otaru.
Here is born really in Sakuracho for sightseeing spot though it is area of no mark and is place not to be able to hand over for me who was brought up in Zenibako here.
No, we think that it is a shame that even tourist glance passes by this area.
We see the sea from Zenibako when we go ahead through Hakodate Main Line from the Sapporo area for Otaru. If this scenery is person who went once, it should be branded on eye.
Tourist who came from sealess prefecture shouts, "it is the sea!" and bites into window. It is here to realize that we came to Minatomachi, Otaru from in fun.
However, most tourists may not get off at Zenibako Station and Asari Station. Unfortunately it is the current situation that there are a lot of people whom even Otaru citizen has not set foot in. We say regret, or is it said that it is a waste? Therefore we suppose.

At first Zenibako Station is good. Small station building where it was built in 1931. Platform where financial supporter was employed.
Chair called money cube put in the yard is designed to be seen in Z and N of Zenibako by direction to look at.
Produce of Takashi Shiratori of perception D house where this loves Zenibako. It becomes face of Zenibako Station now.

Hariusu, Asari and the shore spreading out are different space totally different from image of sightseeing spot, Otaru from Zenibako.
We gradually disappear, but we create nostalgic space where there is sorrow that hut of fisherman is left and let you feel the Sea of Japan.
The beach where feeling of freedom is the end if shoreline approaches from track to striking distance in this whole area where atmosphere of the old beach feeling fragrance, nostalgia of Showa is seen everywhere and goes down station.
Crab and small fish living under the large stone become playfellow immediately if given to Ishihama.
It is crab fishing time in slice of cuttlefish and fish. Time to forget everyday dull trouble, and to be able to be absorbed does the urban noise immediately.
And, on the other side of the sea, we catch sight of the mountains of hair restoring from Hamamasu that put on snowy hat if we achieve eyes incidentally, and heart softens.

As for this, it is non-daily life. The powerful charm of trip.

Is it not way of enjoying other of sightseeing spot, Otaru?