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Gentleness of Otaru

Miura group comes
February 14, 2018
Miura group comes

 We reached February. I emigrate to Otaru, and it is full two years. We closed down occupation, and, only with feeling that we liked, relative only came over to town of Otaru where acquaintance was not, too. Dozens of times came as tourist, but may feel that we live some other time till then when good.
 One is gentleness of words of person of Otaru. We are made to calm down by comfortable sound that is kind to both ear and heart. When ask something of partner, in the end of a word "is ~?" But, it is put on.
For example, consideration of partner is felt and feels warm when it is said "is it all right?", and face is looked into. We acquire geno intonation in this case, merely end of a word, and common language "is fine" Well, is polite; when is expressed, become "is all right?". Though we were familiar with such an expression for many years, it is very dull and is felt when it is now.
 In addition, to tell the thanks, we are returned saying it is saying "what, too", but "you're welcome" become when we replace with common language in the same way. This seems to be also cold and distant. "Is it ~?" Friendly feeling is felt in both this and "what, too" and gets sense of closeness to partner, and each other's distance is strongly narrowed.
 I like gentle expression of Otaru.

 And we feel gentleness to food cooked in Otaru. As Otaru is good at both water and air, naturally there are a lot of delicious things. In addition to it, we are particular about raw materials by the traditional manufacturing method and hold additive as much as possible, and thing made seriously is tasteful at all.
 Miso which let you mature using sesame or bread which did, and did heavily, materials of product in way in Kamaboko which tasted of fish when we savored, rice cake, baking powder called Asoh for one year.
Anything tastes genuine and is kind to both body and heart.
 I like gentle food of Otaru.

 Finally, we want to talk about gentleness of person of Otaru. I am taken care of by many people from the beginning of emigration.
In the first-year winter, is this cold all right? It was called out in this, and, as for the second-year winter, were you used yet? We were asked about this. We had home cause tea break and had you share handmade side dish and cake. We invited me out for walk and led to restaurant. It is supported by gentleness of person of Otaru and it is full of feelings of thanks to have been come over to here and does not stop. Human relations spread, too. Acquaintance introduces acquaintance. In addition, there was encounter shaken heart in point where friend took to with him/her.
 I love gentleness of person of Otaru.

 I who was given gentleness and learning continue sowing seeds desired in Otaru from town of Otaru from now on. By some society advance forward. It is my dream that Otaru becomes good town which is kind to both person and nature.