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Autumn of Otaru

Miura group comes
October 16, 2017
Miura group comes

 Color of mountain is strange every day. Turning yellow began in several places for approximately ten days, and yellow part opened little by little. Nature changes every moment on the date.
 I go up Jigokuzaka Street every day. It was climate that the distance that walked while being embarrassed by sunlight to glare down without mercy in midsummer and sweat which broke out without cease could walk comfortably now.
 When we pass Catholic Otaru church Tomioka temple of Confucius and go to the traffic light of one point, figure of a mountain of Tenguyama jumps into eyes. We wanted to put design that nature dotted with yellow and red leaves in green trees wove in the same frame. My foot which just thought that thing same as this scenery seeing is not seen tomorrow stops there. Tenguyama that caught autumn gentle light was full of life.

 For me whom it emigrated to from Kanagawa, it is very nice thing last year that base and nature of life approach. You had to run expressway by car for two hours to taste nature before.
 We can enjoy both the sea and mountain when we go on hill in Otaru. We can go to both beach and mountain trail when we run car for 20 minutes. We appreciate that spiritually rich living is possible and savor happiness.
 I who rested foot under the pretense of observation of Tenguyama have begun to walk again. Roadside tree in both sides of way changes color, and red and yellow scatter rug are spread on the sidewalk.
 A lot of deciduous broad-leaved trees are used for roadside tree of Hokkaido. Leaf which grew thick in summer did position break of awning to walker, and sunlight reached to the ground when we shed the leaves in winter, and the reason knew that this was because the risk of snow fall and rakueda decreased. Tree turning red in roadside tree includes rowan and Acer palmatum, hauchiwakaede, and there are Ulmus Davidiana (elm) and maple, ginkgo to tree turning yellow.

 Commencing with the pruning and mowing, we keep in transplantation and winter to manage roadside tree, and careful work such as prevention of pest is necessary again. And person living near the tree may be annoyed to sweep fallen leaves. But we please our eyes, and inherent beauty every kind of change and tree of color of the four seasons softens heart.
 Snow insect begins to fly. We may come over at a run in winter. We are worried about winter clothes a little, but let's decide to thoroughly enjoy autumn of Otaru passing in heart line bears in an instant.
 ezoyamazakura which turned red wonderfully met me who had finished going up slope gasping for breath.