Otaru column

Rich sensitivity and heart to be impressed by from Otaru

December 15, 2017
Director Representative Nitadori culture foundation, Otaru contact sightseeing ambassador Akio Nitori

Birth of Otaru art village

 Old stone solemn buildings line up when we extend a trip to the Otaru Station area from famous Asakusa Bridge a little as Otaru Canal becoming pronoun of Otaru, the shooting spot. It develops as "doorway of the sea" of Hokkaido and is reluctance of leaving of "north Wall Street" that was strategic point of trade, finance to pull economy in way from Meiji to the early days of the Showa era. We established "Otaru art village" as nucleus in former Hokkaido Takushoku Bank Otaru Branch and former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch which were the representative building in September in this year.
 While we are supported by many customers and business other side, "Nitori" which I founded continues running and reaches founding 50 years in this year. We carried out branch to Taiwan, the United States, China and, from Hokkaido to all over Japan, were able to just also grow up to company of scale more than 500 stores. When, in 2004 in the next year when what still supported unripe company small, and thought, "we want to make tourist attraction where people gathered from the world in Hokkaido." with meaning of the repayment of favor to Hokkaido which he/she brought up achieved 100 stores which was original aim, I became 60 years old.
 This may be because there was afterimage of colorful glass industrial art object which is said to be when it developed from the molding beauty of building which saw what any knowledge is attracted by home coordinates colored commencing with business called "furniture" without experience neatly of the United States, and I pursue when what began collection of work of art after business gets on track visited Otaru by help of work of parents in the days of primary schoolchild, float of drave in depth of heart.

Town, Otaru where feature of the rich times is felt

 "Otaru art village" is constructed by all "landmark architecture" "tangible cultural property" 4 building of Otaru-shi designation and lawn green tract of land among them.
 Wooden sculpture of Japanese painting, Koun Takamura and pupils such as foreign film, Taikan Yokoyama or Shoen Uemura who assume Ryusei Kishida representative is rocky and displays stained glass which decorated dome brothers, glass industrial art object of Art Nouveau art deco such as rarikku and furniture, window of British church in each and can enjoy fusion with enough with that alone worth building.
 Writer, Takiji Kobayashi works, and it is known even to have announced "crab-canning boats" in the time, and former Hokkaido Takushoku Bank Otaru Branch constructed in 1923 (Taisho 12) (existing Nitadori art museum) exists in center of Otaru Bank street with former Mitsubishi Bank, each former first bank Otaru branch.
 Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch of construction was built in 1927 (Showa 2) by design just after the Great Kanto Earthquake by hi*chu*date*jimusho on behalf of Japan and is beautiful building where building itself has value as cultural assets.
 It is called "General Shozu", and old Takahashi warehouse which Naoji Takahashi who was the Hokkaido's first member of the House of Representatives owned, former Arata firm to be next to were constructed as head office office of Takichi Arata store which ran the shipping trade in 1935 (Showa 10) and are utilizing now as stained glass art museum and museum shop.
 Buildings which had story only in Otaru well speak as work of art having one thing itself. Furthermore, we think that we are informed by various cut ends called the history, economy, art breathing in the rich times by displaying Japan, art, industrial art object of the world produced in the times same as the time there.

Otaru and art and thought to the future

 We were brought up while my being born in Karafuto in 1944, and living in returning home, repatriate house of Sapporo in six families at 3 years old while helping black-market rice sale since childhood. It was hard early childhood, but beauty of "genuine article" to occasionally touch in Otaru remembers that it is my healing and was able to feel rich poorly.
 This place brings up rich sensitivity and heart to be impressed by in the same way as me at the same time to send splendor of culture, art to the world in what we display art, industrial art object of well-known artists of the same period and release on historical town, landmark architecture of Otaru, and young people whom there is pray the world for will when place can develop to breed flapping opportunity.