Otaru column

Memory, episode of Otaru of childhood

March 28, 2017
Otaru Tourism Association chairperson Miyuki Saijo

Otaru of boyhood

I of early childhood am brought up for warm love of parents, and there is feeling that grew up without reasons to know such as social conditions or the domestic fact nonchalantly, but it is in foundation as manager of present me it, and I think that hear talk at that time from person of the circumference as teacher of the life with figure of father obediently; oneself is.

Father was born in Kimobetsu in 1924 and entered Asahikawa division by student mobilization order in 1945, but became independent in 1950 after it being in the end of the war in only more than one month, and having done apprenticeship afterwards in wood shop in Otaru.
Japanese economy is in the postwar confusion period, and prices rise by inflation more, and it is said that wood is no exception as revival material and is full of demand, and the industry was in an uproar at prosperity.
In such an environment that Otaru with good harbor was big distribution center of Hokkaido materials, Karafuto materials, shore state materials from prewar days, and presented active state father of fund and the ground began wood business while there was not.

In 1952 when I was born, father does extraction operation of kidney and provides bad debt at business for the first time and thinks that it was the worst throughout life. There is little my birth; was not sure, but had take to place where was well various between work when was small whether healed. Father liked outdoor, and probably he drove around in jeep which he would buy first in Otaru, and he took to river fishing and good shooter with him. There was company to present UNIQLO, and there was warehouse group before Rinkosen Street was maintained, and it was usual to play on log which it was and loaded onto quay immediately.
When it was winter, we made ski jump with horizontal Akasaka and played and we had metal fittings on ski boots on road and enjoyed snow skating nanzoo.

Good point of Otaru

Is good point of Otaru that the four seasons become clear?
As the parents' house of the mother's side was Oshoro, we swim every day in summer vacation and can ski in winter in Tenguyama. We went to visit port well, but there was Trang Poe, and pukapuka floated in the sea log of South Seas materials.
Scenery at the time was quiet. Human being was quiet, too. Child played until the evening while blackening clothes like child.
Such situation is still stuck to head and does not change in regionalism to love Otaru even if it is far and returns in Otaru once. It is memory that we do not want to forget.
It was said to be International Tourist city, and 8 million a year tourists visited Otaru, and it was just in brand investigation in the five best popularity city in the whole country for these past several years.
We think difficulty of guide that there was, but who imagines tourist city? Consciousness of citizen's various places has not caught up with yet. I think that we are thankful, but think that we cannot deny popular precedent feeling.
We say that we are brought up even if child remains silent, but town planning is not so. Push of people loving Otaru is necessary while population decrease accelerates. It is not superficial tourist city that Otaru demands, and forthcoming side and side to invite to become one, and all not only various places related to tourism but also the citizens should be conscious of atmosphere of town to entertain heartily, and people visiting Otaru have you take good impression, good memory home. And is regionalism from childhood not essential to have you become repeater?