Otaru column

We go round Otaru in keyword with "curry"

March 28, 2017
Otaru Yukiakarinomichi examination chairperson Eitaro Yamashiro

Curry culture of Otaru

We try out curry people of Otaru as my boom on holiday and we go to library and check "the history of curry" of Otaru recently.

Soup curry of Sapporo or omukare of Furano are famous, and, speaking of curry, there may be person thinking that there is not curry culture in Otaru in Hokkaido.
However, in this Otaru, there was store specializing in curry plenty in old days. Originate in flower garden Koendori Street "curry and rice great statue of Buddha shop" founded in 1929, and "indole" of Nagasakiya basement "minds" Yanagawadori Street "in Delaware" of North Sea Hotel underground shopping center one of eating out and "Moriya" of the done Marui side along with "pot meal of flower shop" "chicken that it is" very much Koendori Street "kurombo" Otaru three in the 40-50 generation in the 30, Showa generation, and, Miyakodori Street "gully on," Syogetsu temple is adjacent; "Alps" ...
Miss! We went along there! May person thinking of this come?
We practice medicine in the Meiji 20s, and there are "curry and rice" on the Otaru's first Western food restaurant and menu of Ironai town "Seiyoken" where it was if we say more. In Hokkaido which was not established of cultivation of rice, the Western-style eating habits that took in meat and milk with Bureau of Development are recommended for a long time, in Sapporo agricultural school in the Meiji early days onion and potato, cultivation of foreign vegetables such as carrot began early. There was base of western dishes culture including curry in Otaru where many ingredients of the world gathered as international trade port early.
We act as the principals such as Inaho senior elementary school or Otaru deaf-mute school and are written down when curry and rice come out to lunch after banquet in eight staff in Seiyoken according to "Masuho Inagaki diary" which wrote daily life from Meiji to the Taisho era on February 11, 1905 and ate.
Even if there was not, curry was eaten in many department stores, dining rooms, noodle shops, restaurants, Chinese dining room, cafe in Otaru in specialty store.
Inaho-cho was taken care of by "dining room for 100 yen curry of nyuginza and private supplementary school return very much as soon as it was fine" and loved blackish curry of "the new Sanko branch" which there was in city hall in the days of hungry child. Curry of lodge of Tenguyama and Asari white valley skiing area has a delicious memory, too. Oh, yes, one of "Uminekoya" was good though we had closed shop the other day while it was regretted.

Curry shop of current popular Otaru

In active shop, is it still unexpected in Shukutsu "Aotsuka dining room" which is famous for sea foods? We can eat cutlet curry which is delicious in this, and, in Chinese restaurant "Katsura garden of Miyakodori Street which is famous for Ankake Yakisoba," is curry the back? It is popular menu. Speaking of Chinese dining room, black cutlet curry of "kuro" close to former Temiya Line Ironai station is good.
One of curry and flower Bank "Colombia" with full of onions of cafe "miretto" to get seems to be cafe curry, and light meal of flower garden is delicious, too.
As for the thick "curry bowl of "*han" of the Nagasakiya back," there are many ardent fans, and, at noodle shop, as for the cutlet curry of "Isami shop" of flower garden, there is person who pushes guaranty saying "it is delicious most in Otaru!".
Curry of large serving of harbor center dining room "hira river" is good if gluttonous and will be one dish of north canal "press cafe" if we go smartly.
It should be curry of Ironai "manjare TAKINAMI" and flower silver "restaurant MURA" if we descend from Western food restaurant.
"My, even as for the soup curry, in the branch of Sapporo, variation-rich lah" with "nezarando" of Asari popular north canal "crazy spice" and Tenguyama "keran" "Kufuu" of ya Hoshinocho "karigoya" of Haruka.
Hoshinocho "STAR" recommends one wanting to eat authentic ethnic curry Shizuyadori Street "Nepal teahouse" and Zenibako station square "SURYA".
How about to look for one dish of curry of oneself preference when we visited Otaru when we go round towns?
You do not attract attention, but do you not think "curry culture of Otaru" to be very profound either?