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[Sakura, cherry blossom viewing] Highlight information in the city


We settled the highlight of Sakura in Otaru-shi.


Other highlight

In addition, there is a lot of highlight of Sakura in the city. As there are many suitable places rather than cherry blossom viewing to take a walk aimlessly, how about dropping in in the middle of to destination?

Other highlight
Name The location Summary
The JR Otaru Station backside Tomioka 2-3 Seeing from home, it blooms on mountain side. We can see even Funamizaka Street nearby and can enjoy scenery that we did backed by Otaru Port.
Amusement place of good child Ironai 2-9 Two steps of parks called "amusement place of good child" right in the back of Otaru Canal. It is got close to citizen by name two steps of Sakura.
Flower garden Ginza mall 1, Hanazono Flower garden Ginza mall where Sakura blooms on both sides of road of one way. Alley such as maze is lined with restaurants. How about that we look at cherry blossoms at night lighted up by streetlight?
Hanazono Bridge Yamadamachi Hanazono Bridge which links Suitengu Shrine to flower garden Koendori Street. In the bottom of bridge, there is train at flower garden Ginza mall near the street and can enjoy Sakura circulation casually.
JR Minami Otaru Station The Sumiyoshicho tenth We can enjoy Sakura which seems to pour from home. View from overpass looking around the yard is recommended. It is the nearest station to Marchen Crossroads.
kumausukawa Sakura 1 and Sakura 5 It is kumausukawaen ino row of cherry blossom trees near Hiraiso Park. State to bloom in profusion is loved toward the hometown.
Boyo Isao Azuma garden 1, Boyodai It is park which there is on the way to the Akaigawa-mura area from Asari. We attract playground equipment with richness as place of recreation and relaxation for family.
Morning Satokawa Sakura road Asari riverside Approximately 370 Sakura plants a tree, and, on promenade of Asari riverside, they are managed by hand of "meeting of urban development of Otaru, Asari". Enjoy nature while hearing the murmuring, and hydrangea more than 500 blooms in summer, too.