News from Tourism Association

We introduce restaurant video of Otaru that female college student made!


Girl student group of 5 of Otaru University of Commerce launches [Otaru palpitation channel 💖] and is doing restaurant introduction of Otaru!


※We fly to rink of Youtube when we click each image!



We make video to introduce restaurant of Otaru to as [Otaru palpitation channel] by project (under an alias: professional player seriousness) that University of Commerce student thinks of about activation of Otaru seriously and release in YouTube.


It is opportunity when it began activity to have thought that we want you to know shop of Otaru that wants to help tourist who is in trouble more without knowing the shop which is open in Otaru at night.


As we release three videos of [arinkomoudasshu] [noodles and gate-guard office] so far [Bridge (bridge) coffee&swing], please see by all means!