It is news to Otaru citizen, company

The first night ☆We released Otaru promotion video contest prize winner!


On 23rd, it is the first night today ☆We held Otaru promotion video contest screening society, commendation ceremony.

We announce 6 works which became receiving a prize this time!

★The details of receiving a prize contents to this

★About screening meeting, commendation ceremony to this

★Screening society notice video (approximately 30 seconds for digest) this (youtube video)



※We link to Youtube video when we click photograph.

Associate grand prix (2 works)

・Town which can return in those days


・Of light burn



Award for excellence (3 works)

・Month and cat


・Our Otaru


・Were we able to know?


Winning a prize (1 work)

・Is it 你 yokyoto 哪 village?