It is news to Otaru citizen, company

Otaru tour guide map renewed!

It is Otaru 2018 more and yet more

"Otaru is renewed tour guide map that the highlight, map of Otaru, facility information became one more and yet more"!

We convey charm of Otaru where one step judging from local glance stepped into.

Including person who came to Otaru for the first time, we produced with thought, "we wanted you to come to like Otaru more" toward repeater and the citizen.

With guide map, let's go for sightseeing in Otaru! For more details, please see page of Otaru tour guide map.


◆Name: Otaru tour guide map 2018 "more and yet more Otaru"

■Specifications: All full color page 24 for A4

■The number of the issuance: 100,000 copies of 800,000 copies of Japanese English version, multilingual map 200,000 copies (chukokukantai, hantai, Korea, Thailand)

■We can download from page of PDF data this for digital.


・Main distribution

Tourist information center, tourist facility, the accommodations, public transport in Otaru-shi