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About holding of symposium for sightseeing promotion


It is guide of symposium holding for sightseeing promotion.

The date and time: Saturday, January 27, 2018 from 15:00 to 16:50
Venue: The fourth floor of the Otaru economy center hall (2-22-1, Inaho, Otaru-shi)
Participation fee: Free of charge

Part 1 lecture

・(problem submission) is (30 minutes) NPO corporation OBM director in sightseeing spot like this in Otaru: Nobukazu Ishii

・(DMO suggestion) is (15 minutes) NPO corporation OBM director now in DMO: Masaaki Ito


Part 2 panel discussion

・What is made for sightseeing promotion? Put DMO in the field of vision (60 minutes)

Otaru-shi industry Port and Harbor Department manager: Hiroaki Nakano
The Otaru Chamber of Commerce and Industry vice-president: Yutaka Nakano
General Otaru Tourism Association vice-chairperson: Koji Okada
Association of general Otaru product's vice-chairperson: Yasuhisa Abe
Associate Professor at Otaru University of Commerce glow Cal strategy promotion center: Taijiro Kitagawa

Coordinator: NPO corporation OBM director: Masaaki Ito


(sponsorship) NPO corporation OBM

The sixth floor of the 2-22-1, Inaho, Otaru-shi Otaru economy center

Telephone: 0134-24-2161

(the cosponsorship) Otaru-shi, Otaru Chamber of Commerce and Industry, general Otaru Tourism Association, general association of Otaru product, national university corporation Otaru University of Commerce