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Otaru Tourism Association website banner ad offer

otarupotaru banner ad offer 18_01

Official homepage "otarupotaru" which Otaru Tourism Association runs
We raise Web banner ads (top page publication).


✿Otaru Tourism Association website "otarupotaru"

Toward website accessed for information of Otaru many times, we renew site in March, 2017.
The number of the access increases smoothly afterwards.
General information center Committee in charge of the Otaru Tourism Association staff and website business plays a key role,
Of one loving Otaru, one with relationship in Otaru send the cause of cooperation, information of Otaru.


✿The access results of 2017

○The number of the sessions: The number of 692,659 (an average of 57,722 a month) ○ users: 541,462 (an average of 45,122 a month)

Indication higher in search site! The "Otaru" first place, the "sightseeing in Otaru" first place or the second place

(at the time of Google or Yahoo! Search)


✿Main constitution contents

・Introduction of facility information to stop by to distribute genre
(we eat and enjoy and rotate and stay and buy)
・Event information introduction that we distributed in the four seasons
・News of sightseeing topic, tourist information center staff blog
・otarudoga, Otaru photo, Otaru column
・Map access information, tour guide with respect, and is helpful; information


✿Summary of insertion

Normal price, monthly basis 10,000 yen (tax-included) → Otaru Tourism Association member price, monthly basis 5,000 yen (tax-included)

We do with "every month 1st - end of the month day" during publication period and accept with the number of in month you like.

The details such as summary, application for web advertising, please identify this document



✿Application, inquiry

①To the Otaru Tourism Association secretariat, please submit by Fax or email after filling out this application.
②Within one week before publication start, please submit banner image.

Application: General Otaru Tourism Association charge: Nagaoka, Yamada
〒047-0007 4-3, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone: 0134-33-2510 FAX: 0134-23-0522 email info2007 @