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News (product for company) of "art festival in Sweden" allied plan


First "Swedish art festival IN Otaru 2018" is started on July 21, 2018 as one of the business of the 150th anniversary of Hokkaido naming again in Otaru in commemoration of Japan and the Swedish diplomatic relations 150th year until September 16.
It was born in Sweden, and Maiko Kawakami of actress that relations with Otaru-shi are deep is going to have appointment, heaping up of art festival including publicity work cooperate as exhibition navigator by activity as Ambassador sightseeing in Otaru contact as glass designer again on holding this art festival.


✿Exhibition navigator: Maiko Kawakami (actress, glass designer, Otaru contact sightseeing ambassador) and the work: POWDERSNOW


✿The details of "Swedish art festival IN Otaru 2018" from this


The following connection plans are carried out in order to do with opportunity when Otaru citizen and tourists can mention international art and can feel Sweden close.


[plan contents]

①Introduction of "fika set" offer shop

With "fika," it is generic name of "snacks time coffee time" in Sweden. During period of "art festival in Sweden", we introduce menu of available "snacks time coffee time" as "fika set" at store in Otaru-shi.


②"Art festival held commemorative set in Sweden" offer

It is food culture that is close to Otaru, and Sweden seems to eat "pickled herring" "salmon sushi".

During period of "art festival in Sweden", we introduce special set which utilized available "herring" "salmon" in restaurant in Otaru-shi.


[conduct period] From Saturday, July 21, 2018 to Sunday, September 19

[offer contents] We raise restaurants which can cooperate with menu offer of plan ① mentioned above or ② (welcome both).

"fika set" offer
Please offer set that combined drink with sweets of your facility. Participation in planning with existing set menu is possible, too.
"Art festival held commemorative set in Sweden" offer
We raise participation in planning by either new menu or existing menu combinatorial.
※Either of "herring" "salmon"
※①②There are not price setting and rule of offer time together.


[plan notices]

・When you can participate, we do coverage simpler than executive committee and introduce in SNS.

(※ coverage assumes the late June and mid-July. Thank you for your understanding.)

・In participation in planning store, we would appreciate your planning the product recognition by simple specially made POP.


[participation in planning application]

We accept with the following participation in planning answer books (PDF). ※Deadline Monday, June 18 → We change on Monday, July 16 on the second deadline

"Art festival in Sweden" connection plan _ period-limited Special Menu offer _ participation in planning answer book


[reference, return address]

・Swedish international art festival executive committee public relations department (charge: size Minato) sweden.artfes2018 @ gmail .com

・(no company) Otaru Tourism Association (charge: Nagaoka, Yamada) telephone 0134-33-2510 / FAX 0134-23-0522
info2007 @ ※We transfer answer contents to executive committee