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Spring vacation, Noh taiken society – Let's experience ability together!


We perform Japanese father culture "Noh" (nou) which does not appear notaiken party.


・The date and time: From Sunday, March 25, 2018 2:00 p.m. (the about 4:00 end). Entrance from half past 1 p.m.

・Venue: Otaru-shi Civic Auditorium, Japanese-style room (Otaru-shi designation landmark architecture) address, 5-2-1, Otaru-shi Hanazono

・Contents: Story (history and characteristic, demonstration (rengin, accompaniment for a protagonist's plain dress dance) existence) of ability

・Experience: Musical instrument, the chanting of a Noh text, conduct, No-mask lecture, facility guidance

・Contact Telephone) 0134-22-8713 weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00
Email) mitsue01 ☆nifty .com (you change ☆ to @, and please transmit)
To meeting secretariat three ko to make use of the old Okazakis noh stage in


★taiken costs for free

★Application is not necessary

★It is bringing with white tabi or white socks. → At the time of experience, please change.
(with socks, tabi wearing from house, we cannot experience)

★From adult to child, even any person can participate.

★Civic Auditorium does not have parking lot.
When you come by car, please use parking lot of Otaru Park and city hall.

◎As for the details, please see flyer. (PDF file downloading)


Meeting which keeps the sponsorship old Okazakis noh stage alive
Support Otaru-shi, Otaru-shi Board of Education ・
(general corporate judicial person) Hokkaido insurance doctor society Shiribeshi, Otaru Branch