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We went to Chinese study session!


We will tell about state of the Chinese study session (May 24 conduct) first!

Terayama Shinsaibashi Yuria's teacher of lecturer is person who teaches Chinese targeting at high school students,
It is wakariyasukuga motto happily.


①At first, about style, we easily practiced in around ten minutes. Chinese has four kinds of styles (four tones), but Chinese becomes fun when this comes to be made. It seems to be point to want you to do your best without being depressed, but seems to change into way of speaking that was conscious of flow of conversation here after learning well, and having worn as tone is tense when seized with style.


②"Welcome Chinese expression that we learned on that day is basic greeting to Otaru" "hello" "thank you" "good morning" to "what can I do for you?" "good evening" "Hokkaido" where "thank you" (at the time of withdrawal) "Otaru".

Among others, "it is "so" different"
"Is there?" -"There is" which "there is not"
"Can you do it?" Which "we can do it" "is not made" -
"Is it good?" -"Good" "is no use"
Which "please line up" "is over there"
We learned mainly on expression to use at the time of waiting on customers at noyoni, store.


When Chinese learns word steadily, we come to be able to talk by putting it together.

We knew one attended together what you meant by expression to usually hear, and it seemed to be at time fun at all.

Laughter became full Chinese study session, but looks forward to future development.

As even participation from the middle is all right, if you are interested in, please participate casually.


The details of Chinese study session are from this