It is news to Otaru citizen, company

"Miss Otaru"…Old and new alternating functions were held attestation ceremony.


"2017 Miss Otaru" of this year was decided the other day.

Rina Kawaguchi (kawaguchirina) and *tanimeiiri (sawayaairi) are chosen

"2017 Miss Otaru" was born.


Of attestation ceremony and "2016 Miss Otaru" of today "2017 Miss Otaru"

While the person concerned watches old and new alternating functions

It was performed in the storage of Canal Plaza first.


We say hello than Chairperson Miss Otaru management meeting Miyuki Saijo.

Introduction of two people of fresh innocent "2017 Miss Otaru."

We have you study the history and culture of Otaru,

It was said hello when we wanted to expect future achievement.


It is the conferment of "identification of appointment" for two people.



(the left) Emika Terashita and (the right) Takako Kuwana of "2016 Miss Otaru."


It is conferred cord from "2016 Miss Otaru" on "2017 Miss Otaru".

Old and new "Miss Otaru" forms a line and take a ceremonial photograph.



Ambition was talked about to two people of "2017 Miss Otaru".


Greetings of Rina Kawaguchi

We want to do our best so that good town of Otaru is spread in the whole country.


Greetings of Airi Sawaya

We make use of individuality and want to do work as Miss Otaru like oneself.



The bouquet presentation was carried out for two people of "2016 Miss Otaru".


Greetings of Takako Kuwana

We could meet toward the lot, and own field of vision was able to spread out.


Greetings of Emika Terashita

We can participate and appreciate memorable "the 50th Otaru tide Festival".


"2017 Miss Otaru" new map is photographed in hand.

"2016 Miss Otaru" Emika Terashita, Takako Kuwana
Experience that become the duty end, but is various for bread
We pray for future achievement.

One year really thank you.
"2017 Miss Otaru" Rina Kawaguchi, Airi Sawaya
As sightseeing in Otaru PR ambassador
Charm of Otaru including the history and culture of Otaru
We want to have you tell.
Please do your best this year for one year.