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■Traffic access to Otaru

■Flight information

New Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport terminal building
Access from New Chitose Airport
New Chitose Airport: Today's flight search

New Chitose Airport general information 0123-23-0111
From 6:20 to 23:00 year round

■Traffic information

Hokkaido Chuo Bus

For convenient one-day fixed period when can get on and off in front of "Otaru walk bus" which can get in and out of at popular sightseeing spot in Otaru-shi and Sapporo station square and Otaru Station information of sightseeing bus from this!


From March 27 to March 31 are this for from November 26, 2016 to March 26, 2017 during Otaru base Tolley (Hokkaido Chuo Bus commuter pass sightseeing bus) service period
Otaru Yukiakarinomichi course (Hokkaido Chuo Bus commuter pass sightseeing bus) service period from February 3, 2017 to February 12

Central bus Otaru terminal 0134-25-3333
Hokkaido Chuo Bus homepage


Hokkaido Railway

It is approximately 73 minutes from New Chitose Airport from Sapporo Station for approximately 32 minutes. In Otaru right around in JR! Information from Hokkaido Railway HP!

Hokkaido Railway telephone guidance center
Hokkaido Railway homepage


Sightseeing taxi

■A route (course at the same level as town)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - Ironai outskirts, canal walk road others one hour 30 minutes

■B route (tide course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - Asahi Scenic Observatory, canal walk road others two hours 30 minutes (from May 1 to October 31)

■C route (Malin course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - Ironai, around Sakaimachi, former Nippon Yusen - canal walk road others three hours

■D route (sky course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - glass studio, Ginrinso - canal walk road ... former Nippon Yusen others three hours 30 minutes

■E route (literature course)
Otaru Station (or hotel) - Taki two sentences study monument - Hitoshi Ito literature monument - municipal institution Literature Museum others four hours

■F route (Shakotan course)
Others six hours in Cape Otaru Station (or hotel) - Yoichi Nikka - Takeshi God walk - Megumi God

※Sightseeing route fare assumes advance payment, and admission charges of each facility do not include.
※ When we change route on the way, it is paid the difference with previous fare by time system fare.
It becomes change for a meter wage race afterward.
※Jumbo, medium-sized taxi <reservation necessary ari>
Minicab (> that there is no possible <reservation need on the day if it is the use from city center)

✿Please refer to association of Otaru car for hire (0134-21-3002) for fare.


When we come by car


From abundant drive course information to road information, event information, we leave outing plan to JAF navigator!


Introduction of the "Otaru

Inquiry about "Otaru parking lot map"
Otaru-shi Construction Department City Planning Division
2-12-1, Otaru-shi Hanazono
0134-32-4111 extension number 331

Road information

■Expressway information gong tiger (NEXCO East Japan)
■General way information Hokkaido District road information (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokkaido development station)

Vehicle information center (telephone guidance)
Hokkaido region, Sapporo area information 050-3369-6601
Hokkaido region high speed information 050-3369-6760


Ferry information

■Shinnihonkai Ferry Shinnihonkai Ferry

Niigata ⇔ Otaru

[arrival at ⇛ Niigata from Otaru] Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday

10:30 → Next day 6:00 day 19:30 → Next day 15:30

[arrival at → Otaru from Niigata] It is every day other than Monday

10:30 → Next day 4:30

Maizuru ⇔ Otaru

[arrival at → Maizuru from Otaru] It is 23:30 every day → Next day 21:15

[arrival at → Otaru from Maizuru] It is 00:30 every day → Same day 20:45

※As diamond may be changed on service day, please refer by all means.


■Contact list■

Hokkaido Railway
Otaru Station Tel. 0134-22-0771

Hokkaido Chuo Bus Co.,Ltd.
Otaru station square terminal Tel. 0134-25-3333

Hokkaido Railway bus
Otaru Office Tel. 0134-22-5570

■Association of Otaru car for hire Tel. 0134-21-3002
■Otaru car for hire cooperative Tel. 0134-25-1321
(as for the request of taxi ticket from this)