Otaru center

Map Otaru center

Guidance of public transport that is convenient for sightseeing in Otaru

We move from Otaru Station

Railroad, bus running at the appointed hour at short interval is very convenient for movement. To railroad, buses from Otaru Station to the Sapporo area and the Yoichi area is movable. In addition, most of the buses running in the city are operated based in the Otaru station square.

Map We move from Otaru Station

We move from Minami-Otaru Station

It is at the south end of Sakaimachi street and, to "Marchen Crossroads which music box and glass sweets shop compare with," is a 10-minute walk from here. Around station is area that ever prospered and is still dotted with buildings leaving remains of prosperity.

Map We move from Minami-Otaru Station

We move from Otaru-Chikko Station

It is traffic base of the Otaru second connected directly with large-scale commercial facilities "Wing Bay Otaru" in "Malin road". It is very convenient as stop of rapid train to the Sapporo area (New Chitose Airport).

Map We move from Otaru-Chikko Station

We move from Ferry terminal

It is base of periodical navigation ship linking Otaru - Niigata, Otaru - Maizuru. Movement to city area, please use bus and taxi.

Map We move from Ferry terminal

Explanation of icon

Tourist information center
The ticket section
The fare adjustment office
Rest station
Waiting room
The police
The accommodations
Bus platform
Taxi platform
Railroad station

How to get on public transport and guidance of rate system

Railroad (JR)

We buy ticket
We confirm amount of money displayed by station name of destination.
①We put money into ticket vendor and push button
②We take ticket and change
※As amount of money that we put is short when we cannot push necessary button, please put money of the deficit.
※When case or destination, amount of money that reserved ticket are unidentified, please confirm at "green window" of neighborhood.
We go along wicket
We put ticket in the ticket examiner
→We take ticket which came out from the other side of ticket examiner.
[photograph] Ticket examiner
We confirm what platform it is
※As vehicle may not stop until the edge of home, depending on train, please be careful.
※"Section high speed" "high speed" is "usually" on train.
You "usually" stop at all stations, but please confirm beforehand as there is station which does not stop as for the "section high speed" "high speed".

City route bus

We get on bus
When the central title page goes down when we get on, it is forward door.
We get off bus
As the next stop place is displayed by electric signboard (stop guidance monitor) in the car, it is bus stop which wants to fall or confirms.
※When we go down, we push button in each site in inside of car, and please tell driver.
[photograph] Button of bus
We pay money
When we go down, please put money in coin box which is adjacent to driver.
※As change is not paid, you change, and please pay in changemaker which there is just before coin box not to make any change.
220 yen for adults 110 yen for children
※Baby younger than one year is free
※Asarikawa onsen line varies in rate

Inquiry about public transport is this

Canal Plaza Tourist Information Center
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Correspondence

※In Canal Plaza, we offer sightseeing information and access information, and interpreter corresponding to English, Chinese, Korean is resident, too.

Otaru Station Tourist Information Center
Asakusa Bridge tourist information center
・Otaru Tourism Association
TEL: 0134-33-2510
・Hokkaido Railway Otaru Station
TEL: 0134-22-0771
・Hokkaido Railway bus
TEL: 0134-22-5570
・Center bus Otaru station square terminal
TEL: 0134-25-3333
・Association of Otaru car for hire
TEL: 0134-21-3002
・Shinnihonkai Ferry
TEL: 0134-22-6191
・Otaru Police Station
TEL: 0134-27-0110
・Hokkaido Railway train scheduling information
・The Hokkaido Railway service situation (the Sapporo suburbs)
・Hokkaido Chuo Bus suspension information
・Japanese vehicle information center

Guidance of sightseeing route which is convenient for sightseeing in around Otaru

  • Bus movement
  • Spa facility which is available for day trip bath
  • ●Rate indication to each hotel of taxi / Otaru Station - Asarikawa onsen: Approximately 3,000 yen

We go to Asarikawa onsen

Quiet hot-spring village where is lined with large and small hotels such as resort hotel or pension along river. It is "back room of Otaru" that seasonal nature among mountain and rivers can enjoy. We turn red in golf and tennis, autumn and can enjoy ski in winter in the summer.

Otaru station square terminal
Platform: 2 / buses: 13
Adult rate: 220-330 yen
Child rate: 110-170 yen

Six minutes

Okusawa Exit
Nantaru Market

Five minutes

Otaru-Chikko Station
Wing Bay Otaru
Grand park Otaru
Shin Nantaru Market

Nine minutes


One minute

Shinko 5
Natural hot spring flowers of sulphur Asari

One minute

Bunji swamp
It is 220 yen to this area

One minute

Hot-spring resort
Hotel Musashi bower
It is 330 yen from this area

One minute

Hot spring Sakagami
Hotel storehouse group
Asari Classe Hotel
Win KEL village
Petit hotel roman

One minute

kampono hotel Otaru
kampono hotel

We go to Tenguyama

It is approximately 15 minutes by car from city center. It is symbolic existence of Otaru. Ropeway of 30-passenger to tie travels from the foot of a mountain to the mountaintop in approximately four minutes. It is perfect View Point that mountain range and Shakotan Peninsula according to hot season and cold season can overlook distantly on day when it was fine.
Ropeway service time from 9:00 to 21:00 (it travels every 12 minutes an hour)
※In the case of stormy weather, we may be suspended, and service time changes by season.

Otaru station square terminal
Platform: 3 / buses: 9
Adult rate: 220 yen
Child rate: 110 yen

18 minutes

Tenguyama ropeway
Otaru Station - Tenguyama ropeway
Rate indication to platform: Approximately 1,100 yen
Adult rate (roundtrip): 1,140 yen
Child rate (roundtrip): 570 yen

Four minutes

To the Tenguyama mountaintop

We go to Shukutsu

Drave ground architecture conveying the heroic shore beauty appointed in Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Seminational Park and prosperity in former drave in now is land bringing on unique atmosphere. There are "Otaru aquarium" and marina proud of domestic eminent scale, and it is in base of marine leisure.

Otaru station square terminal
Platform: 3 / buses: 10 or 11
Adult rate: 220 yen
Child rate: 110 yen

Four minutes

The Ironai lower part of a river
The Tanaka brewing head office

One minute

Former Nippon Yusen K.K. Otaru Branch

One minute

Otaru-shi general museum

14 minutes

3, Shukutsu
Otaru distinguished guest building (former Aoyama annex)

Six minutes

Otaru aquarium
Otaru aquarium
Otaru-shi Nishin Goten
Shukutsu panorama observation deck
Hotel noy hemp palms Otaru
Otaru Station - Otaru aquarium
Rate indication: Approximately 1,800 yen

Route 20 minutes

Sightseeing in Otaru sea ship
●One way
Adult rate: 700 yen
Child rate: 350 yen
Adult rate: 1,300 yen
Child rate: 650 yen
●Shin Nihonkai Ferry Terminal
It is a 15-minute walk from Otaru Station
●Service period
From April to October (daily life service)

You should know! Manner to enjoy sightseeing in Japan

What is push button signal?
There is push button signal in Japan other than automatic signal. Push button signal will certainly turn off button for walker in o sarukotoha, very dangerous one.
When we get on train and bus
Let's line up properly
When line awaiting ride is made when we use public transport, let's line up in the tail of line. When train and bus came, we move to both sides of door immediately and will prevent you from interfering with person going down. We confirm that all the passengers got off, and let's take from front-row person in turn.
At public place (the inside of car)
Let's be quiet
As it is a nuisance to other visitors to talk aloud at public place, let's wait. Consideration to person of the circumference is necessary to like that there are Japanese people in train and bus in quiet environment when we speak. In addition, call with cell-phone in the car is prohibited.
Cigarette is place with ashtray
Let's breathe
Let's smoke cigarette in place with ashtray. In addition, let's stop walking-smoking and littering (littering of garbage) of cigarette butt. Improvement of manner is settled by improvement of each person's morals.
In restroom
It can carry away paper
Because Japanese toilet paper is made of properties that are easy to dissolve in water, we do not have any problem even if we drain paper in restroom. Let's carry away toilet paper after use with toilet not trash box installed aside.
※Let's certainly stop carrying away thing except toilet paper.