We extract from New Chitose Airport service line. It is indication at moving time.

◆Domestic airline
One hour 15 minutes
Tokyo (Haneda, Narita)
One hour 30 minutes
Osaka (Itami, Kansai Airport)
One hour 50 minutes
One hour 40 minutes
Two hours 15 minutes
◆International airline
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
1.5 hours
Pusan (Korea)
1.5 hours
Seoul (Korea)
2.5 hours
Beijing (China)
3.5 hours
Shanghai (China)
3.5 hours
Taipei (Taiwan)
3.5 hours
Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
4.5 hours
Bangkok (Thailand)
6.5 hours
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
7.5 hours
Singapore (Singapore)
Nine hours

●New Chitose Airport terminal building TEL: 0123-23-0111 (general information)

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From New Chitose Airport, Sapporo, "high speed airport" is convenient. Stop is three places of Otaruchikko, Minamiotaru, Otaru. "U sheet" (reserved seat) is available for +520 yen, too. Because we can sit down even at the time of congestion, we are reliable.

Sapporo - Otaru a minimum period of 32 minutes
New Chitose Airport - Otaru a minimum period of 75 minutes

From the Hokkaido outside, is use of Hokkaido Shinkansen + limited express; to Sapporo.
It is transfer in "high speed airport" from Sapporo.

Hokkaido way (in the case of use of limited express train)
Hakodate → It is approximately three hours 40 minutes in the Sapporo shortest
Obihiro → It is approximately two hours 30 minutes in the Sapporo shortest
Kushiro → Sapporo approximately four at the earliest time
Asahikawa → It is approximately one hour 25 minutes in the Sapporo shortest
Wakkanai → Sapporo five hours ten minutes at the earliest
Abashiri → Sapporo five hours 20 minutes at the earliest

By train from New Chitose Airport to Otaru

We use the Hokkaido Shinkansen

●Hokkaido Railway telephone guidance center TEL: 011-222-7111

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"High-speed Otaru" of Sapporo departure and arrival is early and is convenient. On the New Chitose Airport use, we must transfer in Sapporo.

●Hokkaido Chuo Bus (Otaru station square terminal) TEL: 0134-25-3333

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●Hokkaido Railway bus (Otaru Office) TEL: 0134-22-5570

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From Maizuru, Niigata to Otaru Ferry terminal (sho**to). Movement in the city becomes route bus or taxi.

Niigata - Otaru approximately 18 hours
Maizuru - Otaru approximately 20 hours

Moving time (indication) from Otaru Ferry terminal to the city
It is approximately ten minutes to JR Otaru Station by taxi
It is approximately five minutes to Cruise Ship Dock by taxi

●Shinnihonkai Ferry TEL: 0134-22-6191

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●Niigata ⇔ Otaru
[arrival at → Niigata from Otaru] Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday
10:30 → Next day 6:00 day 19:30 → Next day 15:30

[arrival at → Otaru from Niigata] It is every day other than Monday
10:30 → Next day 4:30

●Maizuru ⇔ Otaru
[arrival at → Maizuru from Otaru] It is 23:30 every day → Next day 21:15
[arrival at → Otaru from Maizuru] It is 00:30 every day → Same day 20:45

※As diamond may be changed on service day, please refer by all means.


Expressway (Central Hokkaido car, Sasson Expressway)

Expressway (Central Hokkaido car, Sasson Expressway)

Sapporo - Otaru approximately one hour 20 minutes (National highway No. 5)
New Chitose Airport - Otaru approximately two hours 30 minutes (we go by way of National highway No. 36 / National highway No. 274 (Sapporo new road) / National highway No. 5)
Hakodate - Otaru approximately four hours 30 minutes (National highway No. 5)

We measured in GoogleMap in the time required. As you change by traffic condition, the congestion situation, please assume reference level

Road information

●Expressway information gong tiger (NEXCO East Japan)

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●General way information Hokkaido District road information (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokkaido development station)

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●Vehicle information center (telephone guidance)
Hokkaido region Sapporo area information TEL: 050-3369-6601
Hokkaido region high speed information TEL: 050-3369-6760

Parking lot in Otaru-shi

●Introduction of the "Otaru

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Otaru-shi Construction Department City Planning Division TEL: 0134-32-4111 extension number 331