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About Otaru-shi, the hometown tax payment

Regardless of the present address, we made country of birth, area that was taken care of, feeling to area that we want to support form, and, about donor, a part of the contribution amount of money is subtracted from income tax and residence tax and, in what can choose use use of donation, raises interest in local administration, and the hometown tax payment is system that is pushed forward urban development while utilizing contribution that administration had.

About Otaru-shi, we had contribution for "hometown urban development business which Otaru fan supported" from 2008 and presented "Otaru fan certificate", but, from April 1, 2016, donor increased optional business (use) and decided to present article (certified Otaru brand-name products) of thanks.

I would like cooperation support from all of you to realize comfortable, sustained urban development while maintaining historical tradition of Otaru-shi.


[use of donation]

We succeed historic property left in Otaru much in history and, for measure for the purpose of realizing unique attractive urban development, utilize donation. Specifically, please see the following link. html


[about application, the details]

The Otaru City Hall hometown tax payment (Otaru-shi homepage)


Portal site hometown choice: Otaru-shi, Hokkaido

[one article of thanks]


Contribution amount of money does not include the lower limit, but sending of article of thanks is for contribution more than 10,000 yen.

Please note that you may change article of thanks without notice by season and climate.



Otaru-shi Finance Department contract administration of property section administration of property vehicle group


2-12-1, Otaru-shi Hanazono


Telephone: 0134-32-4111 (extension number 235)

Fax: 0134-23-0675